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No matter what type of items you are needing, we can help get them to you. 
  • Enteral 
    • Tube Feeding formulas : Such as Jevity, Osmolite, Compleat, Isosource, Nepro and many more 
      • Jevity, Osmolite, Nepro and others require authorization (we will contact everyone for you)
    • Feeding Supplies : Gravity bags, Kangaroo bags, Pumps, syringes, you name it we got it. 
    • Thick Water : Thick and Easy,  Thick-It, 
    • Protein and Calorie enhancers : BeneProtein, BeneCalorie
  • Incontinence 
    • Briefs and Underwear : Prevail, ProCare, TENA, Attends and more (available in all sizes for children and adults)
    • Under Pads : 
    • Pant Liners : 
    • Feminine Products : 
  • Ostomy 
    • Ostomy Supplies from : Convatec, and Hollister
  • Skin Care
    • Lotions, Creams, Cleansers : From DermaRite, and BSN


Medicare, Medicaid, Private Insurance ?

We are here to help. Just fill out the simple initial form and we will get to work. We will work to get you approved and get the items to you as fast as possible.