Exuderm Odorshield Hydrocolloid Wound Dressings


  • Dressing Change Frequency/Use: Max: 7 Day: Check Drainage
  • Length Inches: 3.60000 IN
  • Primary or Secondary Dressing: Primary or Secondary Use
  • Product Shape: Butterfly
  • Width Inches: 4.0000 IN
  • Wound Condition Type: Shallow, Min-Moderate Drainage
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• Protective, translucent barrier allows wound observation
• Contains cyclodextrins to absorb and control odor
• Low profile, tapered edge to help improve conformability and reduce the risk of dressing edges rolling up
• Help facilitate local wound healing in a moist healing environment
• Indications: pressure injuries, partial- and full-thickness wounds, leg ulcers, donor sites, wounds with light to moderate drainage, lacerations and abrasions and first- and second-degree burns


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