If you qualify for a Health Customer Account you will receive the following added benefits. The Health Customer Account unlocks items that are not available to the general public. The following are a some of items you can find with a Health Customer Account, but are not all:

Ensure Enlive Vanilla, Ensure Enlive Chocolate, Ensure Enlive Strawberry, Ensure Clear Mixed Berry, TwoCal HN, Ensure Plus Vanilla, Ensure Plus Chocolate.

Boost VHC Very High Calorie, Boost Breeze Peach, Boost Breeze Orange, Boost Breeze Variety, Boost Breeze Wild Berry, Boost Pudding Vanilla, Boost Pudding Chocolate.

We provide a VERY LOW price on the items for our Health Customers. The account has no cost and no obligation. The Health Customer Account has reduced pricing! On most items a 5% discount is automatically applied upon login to the Health Customer Account. Some exclusions apply, such as items that are on sale or have an already reduced price. Use the Health Customer Account to login and track your orders. Remember All Orders over $25.00 ship free. Click the words Health Customer Account to request access.