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Education and School Programs in Kenya

These children are able to meet for education programs. Schools are not the same in Kenya and many children would not get an in depth education. Thesee programs help them learn. Helping with these programs include assistance with feeding, clothing, school material, pencils, paper and many other items. 

Every Purchase helps programs like this. 
Sports program for area youth.

We have been abe to help support a sports program that organizes soccer tournaments for the area youth. There are many benefits of an organized even like this. The children have fun, they are fed a nice meal, they meet and interact with children from surrounding areas, and the local pastors get to meet all the children. We are able to help send soccer balls, jerseys, and other items needed for such an event. Keeping these youth out of trouble, introducing them to the local church, and helping them be stronger and healthy sure sounds like a win-win.-win.

It is only becuase of your support all of this is possible.
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