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Hygiene Training in the Congo.

It was a privilage to be a part of getting trained medical personnel into the region. This is not an area that has modern medicine and clinics. The training helps reduce illness. Children learned proper hand washing, dental care, and other ways to slow or stop the spread of diseases. 

Clean water stations were also a part of this venture, now washing and cleaning can be done with clean water.

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Feeding Program for children in Congo.

In a community where economic growth is almost non-existent, getting the food needed to nurture and grow the children can be difficult. Donations to the feeding program for the children in the Congo help young children, just like this one, be happy and healthy. It may not be much, rice mainly, but it certainly is better than days without anything to eat. Being able to see the smiles on the young ones faces when they receive just a small amount of food makes it worth it.

Your supprt helps provide for these children.
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